Not exhaustive, but here’s a brief overview of available services.

Flat-rate Services:
– Detail cleaning: $30 (handgun), $40 (long gun)
     Includes complete teardown, full clean/lube, reassembly
– Sight changes: $35
     Installation is 50% off when sights are purchased through Keep & Bear
– Transfers: $20 flat fee, multiple-item transfers as well (downloadable FFL copy)

Hourly Services (standard rate is $20/hr) include:
– Stock repair
– Stock refinishing
– Trigger work (adjusting pull weight, improving travel, reset, etc.)
– Rust remediation
– Action polishing
– Metal refinishing
– Scope mounting, bore-sighting
– Complete overhauls and refinishing
– Recoil pad fittings
– General mechanical repairs and modifications