Scroll through for a few recent projects. Each photo is a link to more images.

This Remington Model 6 rolling block was found inside a wall. No one knows why or how long it was there, but walls are obviously not the best places to store firearms.
Another heirloom restoration, this Winchester was handed down three generations. It serves as a link for the owner to his father as well as his grandfather.
A Remington 510 Target that saw years of service as a squirrel gun, this was inherited in fair condition. The rust and grime was covered by some sort of lacquer, which made this one more interesting to complete.
This Model 550-1 lived under a workbench for many years until being handed down to a family member. It had accumulated rust, grime, dings, and scratches while jostling around with tools.
This Enfield began life as a muzzle-loading rifle, but was converted to a breach-loader using the Snider mechanism. It made its way to Afghanistan when the British fought for India, and was brought to the US recently by a member of our armed forces who found it while on tour.
Photo Mar 22, 6 02 08 PM
This 1949 Remington 514 suffered the elements as a “barn gun” for many years, but is now rust- and  buildup-free. Much of the metal had to be filed to remove the pitting.
Photo Mar 22, 5 40 02 PM
Partial restore of an early-50’s J.C. Higgins Model 20 pump shotgun. Refinished the stock, removed rust and pitting.
Photo Mar 22, 6 05 59 PM
This heirloom Savage 3B was in poor condition. Made several stock repairs and refinished, then addressed rust and corrosion in the action and barrel.
Photo Mar 22, 6 10 50 PM
A World War Mauser sporterized in England sat in the corner of a store for years. It gathered rust, grime, scratches, gouges, cracks, and character. Many hours later, it’s just the character left.
Photo Mar 22, 6 04 14 PM
This J.C. Higgins Model 28 was damaged badly in a flooded basement. The stock warped and discolored, much of the metal had pitted, and the internals had rusted in place. After a complete refinish from crown to toe, the customer has his dad’s old gun back.