– Flat $20 fee
– “Delay” responses from NICS will be transferred at Keep & Bear’s discretion

“Can’t Fix” Rule
If Keep & Bear is unable to rectify the firearm’s issue, the customer will not be billed for that particular request.

If it becomes apparent in the course of work that the initial estimate needs to be revised, work will stop until the customer can be consulted. Any changes, if approved by the customer, will be provided to the customer in writing.

Standard rate is $20/hr + parts/materials

Additional problems
If repairs or issues are uncovered in the course of carrying out the requested work, the customer will be contacted for their preference on handling the repair.

The condition of all firearms received into inventory will be reasonably photographed and documented. Any damages, nicks, scuffs, broken parts, etc. will be assumed to have occurred prior to entering inventory. If damage occurs during the course of requested work, the gunsmith will document (photos & write-up), inform the customer, and rectify the problem.

The best effort will be made to provide estimates of reasonable turnaround times in advance. The customer has the option to decline or postpone at any point.

Parts and shipping will be charged to the customer, but will be obtained from wholesale sources wherever possible.

Social Media
Customers agree to allow their firearms to be documented via social media, with the understanding that no personally identifying markings or information will be shared.