Transferrals Program

Locals! Keep & Bear is launching a referrals program called “Transferrals,” (see what I did there?) that can make at least one of your dreams come true: free transfers.

Here’s how it works: for every new customer that you refer to Keep & Bear for a transfer, you will receive a coupon for a free transfer of your own, good for one year. The person you refer will need to mention that you did so, and when their transfer is complete, you’ll receive your coupon via email. Easy way to save $15, right?

Now, I generally don’t prefer to generalize, but let’s just imagine that gun sales continue to hit record pace. The Transferrals program is your opportunity to save a bit of money. As you hear your friends considering a new purchase, be sure to steer them to Keep & Bear!

#wordofmouth #transfer #advertising

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