Facebook Suppression Workaround

I’ve had a couple comments lately that it seems like FB is still suppressing posts from Keep & Bear. If you’d like to make sure you get notifications, here’s a quick guide:

– Go to the K&B page (www.facebook.com/keepandbear.ag)
– LIKE it, if you don’t already!
– SHARE it, since I’m pretty sure that more people would like to know about it!
– Hit the drop-down arrow on the “Following” button
– Click the edit-pencil on “Notifications”

– Select the options that you’d prefer (photos, videos, links, status updates)
I recognize that Keep & Bear is not necessarily what everybody cares the most about. It’s an outlet for me and a help to my family, and I do sincerely appreciate your support and interest.

If you’d like to help spread the word, feel free to share the page, share posts, and in general try not to think of me as just a gun-crazed nutball.

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