Titanic Contender #2


The second entry in our “Raise the Titanic” giveaway is this Remington 67A from Rick B.

This rifle has been in Rick’s family for three generations now. It’s a link for him to both his father and grandfather, who have now passed away. Rick didn’t know about the rifle at all until recently, and he’s glad to have a tangible reminder of his family.

If you’d like to see Rick’s rifle overhauled for free, comment below to vote!

63 thoughts on “Titanic Contender #2

  1. Sunny Haskett says:

    Rick definatly deserves to have this rifle passed down to him!! Great family hairloom that rick would appreciate and see great sentimental value for.


    1. Jack says:

      While it’s frightening to think of Mr. Broadway with a firearm, I’m happy to see that a family treasure is with him and will be passed down to his family.


  2. Jack says:

    While it’s disturbing to think of Mr. Broadway with a firearm, I’m happy to see a family treasure passed on to him so that he can continue the tradition with his family.


  3. Kevin Simpson says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve met someone as genuine as Rick, so I feel he should receive this honor not only because it’s a wonderful heirloom, but also the integrity of his character.


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